We are trying our best to provide our readers with the online magazines. we are working  To keep the list updated. Following are the magazines available for download through this blog.

Note: To download click on the link. It will open in a new window as PDF file. Press file from menu bar and click on save as and follow the instructions on screen.


Sehra Mai Azan

Sehra Mai Azan

Muqabil Hai Aaina

Muqabil Hai Aaina Title-F


Khud Sakhta NaKhuda 

Khud Sakhta Nakhuda


Gosh Bar Aawaz 

Gosh Bur Aawaz


Zuban Bandi  

Zuban Bandi Title

Wohi Khuda Hai 

Wohi Khuda Hai Title


Rang Batain Karain

Rang Batain Karain Title

Mitti kay Matwaley

Mitti Ke Matwaley


Barah e Raast


Hindi Book

Hindi Book Title


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