It has been two decade since CHAHARSOO started its journey. What we have been through during all those years is a long story. In a society where literacy ratio is so low. You hardly expect someone to buy the literature. So is the story of CHAHARSOO. Below is the introduction of CHAHARSOO team.

Syed zamir jaffery Gulzar Javed Bina Javed Fari Shaw Inam Ul Haq

Syed Zamir Jafeery(L)   Gulzar Javed        Bina Javed          Fari Shaw         Inam Ul Haq

  1. It looks very nice to have Chaharsoo,s own website and to see all of the senior and present team members of the legendary Urdu magazine,may Almighty Allah shower his blessings upon you people and enable your good honours to accord matchless services towards the promotion of Urdu literature all over.

  2. Khoob, bahot khoob. Bahot bahot mubarak baad. “Chahaar Su” kee surat main aap ka khuloos lagan aur mehnat dunyaan kay samnay ak misaal hay. Urdu zabaan o adab kay irteqa ka safar app jaisay hee bakamaal logoon kay shauq aur hausloon kay saharey shurou huva tha, jaree hy, aur jaree rahay ga. Insha Allah.
    Tazah shumarey ka shukriah

    Ahqar o mukhlis

  3. Gulzar Sahib,

    This is a very impressive web site and it seems to have a future. What Urdu desperately needs is something like http://www.writing.com where people can write in Urdu, even if in Roman script. I will certainly be the first member. If you think I am not serious, you may visit my portfolio at http://www.writing.com/authors/khalmeed and see what I have done there. There you will find over a thousand translated Persian and Urdu poems and my own English poetry as well as seven English books, all available free. And in less than five years my porfolio has been visited by more than one hundred and twenty five THOUSAND people, mainly American and British.

    I may be be speaking through my hat and it may sound like a pipe dream but it is worth trying; there is a desperate need for the urdu-speaking people to express and share their literary ideas with each other.

    Khalid Hameed Shaida, MD

    • dr sb ;


      yes i have visited the link you sent. it is nice work and you deserve appreciation for introducing Urdu to all those who are not every day user of this language. unfortunately Urdu speaking community on our side is hardly familiar with book culture and computer wizard. This make things bit difficult. i wish to do a lot more than what i am doing now, but unable to do so due to UN hospitable conditions.


  4. Gulzar jee Apki adabi tabiyat aur saur ki jo tashveer chaharsoo mein dikhai detee hai usko salam. Insa Allah yah rawayat jaree rahe aur hum sab is duniya ko aur bhee khoobsurat banay rakhane mein jute rahein. Mein lagatar Chahar Soo ke ank dekh raha hoon. Apko bahut badhayee.

    • mishra sb :


      chahar so ki aur aap ka akarshak hona mere liye sobhagey ki baat hai. yadi aap chahar soo ke liye koi nazm ya kavita pardan karain toh mai bohat abhari honga.


  5. Nice strive; Specially introducing intronic version of “Chaharsu”.
    Please feel free to ask if I could help to you guys.
    Prof. Dr. Taha Nazir
    B.Pharm., M.Phil., Ph.D
    University of Sargodha
    0321 222 0885

  6. اسلام علیکم
    میرا نام نزھت عباسی ہے میں اپنی کھچہ کہانیاں چہارسو میگزین میں چھپواناچاہتی ہوں اسکےلیےمجھےکیسے کسکو کنٹیکٹ کرنا چاہیے اگر اپ کھچہ رہنماٴی فرماٴیں تو عین نوازش ہوگی پیشگی بہت شکریا
    نزھت عباسی

    • W/S

      agar aap ke pas inpage ki sahulat maujood hai toh apni kahani uss mai type ker ke bhej dijiye wagarna postal mail ke through bheji ja sakti hai. kahani milne ke baad hi rai di ja sakti hai.
      address contact us ke page per hai

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